Midrange discs, also known as approach discs, fall between putters and fairway drivers. They typically have a speed rating of 4, 5, or 6. Some mid-ranges are easier to throw due to their high glide rating, while there are significant differences in understability and overstability. You can find the midrange discs that suit you best by examining our selection, either based on the flight numbers of disc golf discs or, even better, by visiting our store and talking to our experts.

In the list below, Team Powergrip players share their favourite mids in February 2024.

Juho Parviainen: Z-Buzzz – Durable plastic, and a very straight flight path even when thrown with more power.
Janne Hirsimäki: DD Suspect
Jenni Engström: Origin – Slightly understable but very glidey disc.
Eveliina Salonen: Star Mako3 – Versatile disc
Eljas Saarinen: Midari – It’s hard to find a midrange disc straighter than Midari, and its flight is very reliable. It holds the given angle throughout the entire flight.
Onni Arminen: Grand Trust – As the name suggests. I can always trust this disc for a straight flight and comfortable glide.
Jesse Nieminen: Järn – Low profile and reliably overstable, especially good for forehand shots and windy conditions.
Joona Tuomela: Discraftin Buzzz – The most stable plastics are the best in Buzzz. Nice glide and a completely straight flight are the features of this disc that made me switch from other midrange discs to Buzzz.
Tapani Aulu: A2 400 for forehand shots, the perfect height for my throw. M Model S backhand shots, perfectly straight for my throw.
Niko Rättyä: Berry – Straight and versatile.
Tuukka Renkman: Royal Grand Trust
Silva Saarinen: Hex – Because it’s straight.
Henrik Johansen: First run Truth – I like its excellent glide combined with reliability and the fact that the disc is not sensitive to release angles. Easy to control.
Kari Vesala: Dx San Marino & Ontario Roc – I like the glide and stability of both versions.
Väinö Mäkelä: M2 – Overstable and reliable midrange.
Tuomas Hyytiäinen: C-line MD3 – Works for everything.
Robin Villman: M3 400 – Straight and stable midrange, with plenty of glide!
Iida Lehtomäki: Basic Midari – Holds angles perfectly.
Henna Blomroos: Champion Roc3 – Versatile all-around midrange.

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