Eveliina at the European Open 2023.

Eveliina Salonen of Team Innova and Powergrip did a three-month tour in the USA in the spring of 2023.

– How did the first trip to the USA in 2023 feel?

  • Eveliina: So the trip was about 3 months and there were 7 competitions in addition to the DGPT Allstars. I was at the Allstars event for the first time and it worked well as a warm-up for the upcoming season. The event was a fun and nice way to see fellow US players after the off season.

– Did you play as you expected?

Eveliina: Unfortunately, in the competitions in the US, the same pattern continued as last year: big problems on the putting green while throwing works well and effortlessly. In a few events, I was able to fight for a top 10 finish, but competing was very challenging because of my putting problems. Otherwise, the trip was fun. Of course it’s tasking to tour for a long period of time away from home and the putting problems discouraged me at times. But these trips are always just as great and memorable. On the positive note, my putting game has felt much better at the PCS Open in Norway and now last week at the European Open.

– What have you done while you’ve been back in Finland?

Eveliina: Before the European Open, there was a small “summer vacation” because my athlete visa didn’t come in time. Thus I didn’t return to competitions until the PCS Open in Norway. I feel that this break was very good for me! I have been able to properly enjoy the Finnish summer, spent a lot of time with family and friends, played a lot of different sports including disc golf.

– How do you feel about last week’s European Open?

Eveliina: The event is really great and the EO is my favorite event. The result wasn’t what I went for, but at least I learned more about when to attack and when not to!

– How will your season continue from here?

Eveliina: The four most important competitions of the season the EO, Finnish Nationals, European Championships and the World Championships, are subsequently in my calendar. I look forward to these competitions with excitement! The goal for these competitions is always a win, of course, but first let’s try to get the putt in the basket without major disasters and then we’ll see how far it will take me, but let’s go all in.

Thank you for the interview! Do you have any greetings to your fans?

Eveliina: Thank you all for the cheers and support! See you at the courses!