A new Disc Golf Pro Tour season is about to begin. The first Finns to start the tour are our strong duo Henna Blomroos and Eveliina Salonen. Despite their young age, Eveliina and Henna have achieved a lot. They’ll start the new season even hungrier after a training through winter. Both can win any competition when all the aspects of their game works.

How has your winter been?

The winter has gone well and quickly as there has been a lot to do. It’s been nice to see family and friends and it’s been fun to play all other sports and not just disc golf. Physical training and throwing indoors have been a big part of the training program for both of us.

What do you expect from the season start at DGPT All-Star in Arizona?

It’ll be our first All-Star tournament, so we have no idea what to expect. It’s cool to be able to play with the US players after a long time and see all my disc golfing friends. It’s also fun to see how the disc flies outdoors after a long indoor season.

How do you practice during the off season and the season?

Henna: in the off season, I invest in physical training and it gives a rhythm to my everyday life. There will also be a lot of disc golf training, but due to the slippery conditions, really only in the indoors. During the season, there will be a lot of putts, and hopefully also physics training in the future. During the season, the largest number of throws occurs in connection with getting to know the courses before each event.

Eve: My winter training consists of indoor training, indoor throwing, padel training and competitions. During the season, my training is mainly playing rounds.

Your three favorite things in the US?

Warm weather, high level of competition and practice speaking English

Three not-so-favorite things in the US?

Homesickness, suitcase life and a limited selection of food for us picky eaters.

What would you like to say to your fans?

Thanks for all the support, we appreciate it a lot!

We wish everyone a nice new season! See you at the courses.

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