Our market share report for Q4 2021 focuses on the market shares between disc golf brands and discs based on our sales – happening mostly in Europe. Q1 means the first quarter (January, February and March). Q2 means the second quarter (April, May and June). Q3’s months include July, August and September. October, November and December belong to Q4. Powergrip is Europe’s largest retailer of disc golf products. In addition to our online store, we have four physical stores in Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu).

Best-Selling Disc Golf Brands in Q4 / 2021

Prodigy Disc rushed to the top of the sales list with a clear margin in the last quarter of 2021. Discmania continued its great sales and Innova remained in the top three. The new Finnish newcomer Clash Discs from Eastern Finland entered the market at the end of the quarter, and sold roughly double compared to the established Finnish brand Prodiscus. Powergrip is high on the list thanks to Christmas gift card sales.

See below the top 20 lists of different molds and disc types.

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Molds Q4 / 2021

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Drivers Q4 / 2021

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Midrange Discs in Q4 / 2021

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Putters in Q4 / 2021

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