Powergrip Tampere store in Finland (photographed in 2019).

Our market share report for Q2 2021 focuses on the market shares between disc golf brands and discs based on our sales – happening mostly in Europe. Q1 means the first quarter (January, February and March). Q2 means the second quarter (April, May and June). Powergrip is Europe’s largest retailer of disc golf products. In addition to our online store, we have four physical stores in Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu).

Best-Selling Disc Golf Brands in Q2 / 2021

Q2 / 2021 was dominated by four brands: Innova, Discmania, Latitude 64 and Prodigy Disc. They were able to send us the largest shipments for the new season. Innova managed to climb on top of the list due to them partially fulfilling the large presale their distributor conducted in Fall 2020. There are still lots of people who want to buy Innova. Time will tell if Innova will be on top again after the mentioned Fall 2020 presale batch. Prodigy Disc took a big leap back to be one of our best selling brands. Discmania and Latitude 64 remained on top after successful Q1 / 2021. Discraft took the biggest dive and sank from 2nd place (Q1 / 2021) to 6th place (Q2 / 2021).

In addition to disc manufacturers, we have also included other significant disc golf brands on this report. Grip Equipment’s total sales are quite big. In addition to direct sales, we also wholesale them. Tina and the Whale Sacs crew are working hard to try and supply to the large demand of their hand drying bags for better grip. ZÜCA carts and our own Powergrip textiles are doing equally well sales wise.

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