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Our market share report for Q1 2021 focuses on the market shares between disc golf brands and discs based on disc sales. Q1 means the first quarter (January, February and March). Q2 means the second quarter (April, May and June). Powergrip is Europe’s largest retailer of disc golf products. In addition to our online store, we have four physical stores in Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu).

Best-Selling Disc Golf Brands in Q1 / 2021

During the first quarter of 2021, Innova‘s supply problems have caused the brand to start dropping from its peak position that it had in 2020. Time will tell whether this is a permanent trend or whether Innova is yet to return to its familiar place at the top. Discmania took the top spot as the best-selling disc golf brand. Discmania’s strong sales are based on the Evolution and Active collections, with the exception of a few Originals models. Discraft climbed above both Innova and Prodigy Disc on the sales chart thanks to the Ledgestone sales. Prodigy dropped three spots to the sixth place from its 2020 ranking. We got a major Prodigy restock delivery right after Q1, so the additional sales it will bring will be reflected in the Q2 report in June. Latitude 64 climbed up two spots on the 3rd place.

As a new acquaintance on our shelves, Infinite Discs rose directly to our top 10, overtaking many traditional disc golf brands.

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