As there’s happening a lot in the fast growing disc golf world, we decided to begin shedding light on what’s going on at our sales counter. Here’s our first market share report consisting of disc sales only. It includes sales comparisons between disc golf brands and the most sold products in the business – the discs. We’ll tell more about apparel sales later. We are the largest disc golf retailer in Europe. We have four stores in Finland (Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu) and an online store.

Innova and Discmania were the best-selling brands of 2020. (Paul McBeth has left Innova and we’ve updated our store outlook after taking this picture.)

After a little global hesitation in the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, disc golf sales really exploded. Innova managed to maintain the bestselling brand’s position until the end of the year. Discmania was 2nd with a tiny marginal to Innova. Prodigy Disc was the 3rd best selling brand of ours, selling nearly as much as Innova and Discmania. It’s worth noting that the Trilogy brands put together (Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs and Westside Discs) brought more sales combined than Innova. Discraft took the 4th position in our brand race in 2020.

MVP Disc Sports and Axiom Discs (by MVP) are both on the rise. Kastaplast is looking good in the smaller brand competition.

Best-Selling Disc Golf Brands in 2020

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Molds in 2020

This list includes all the variations of each disc model: for example the entire range of plastics and different stamps. Prodigy Disc took the first place with its PA-3. Innova’s long time favorite Destroyer took the second place and Discmania’s Sensei placed third. Latitude 64’s Pure and Discraft’s Buzzz were right on the Sensei’s heels.

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Drivers in 2020

Discmania’s DD3 has been extremely popular and it took the first place in 2020. Discmania’s new fairway driver release – the Neo Essence – took the 2nd place on the podium. Traditional Discmania staple – the C-line FD – stepped on the third place.

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Midrange Discs in 2020

Innova’s straight-flying Mako3 took the first place in the midrange division. Also the 2nd and 3rd – the Z line Buzzz and the Neo Origin – are straight flyers. The Buzzz has been one of our top selling discs since our establishment in 2009. Discmania’s Origin can be considered Discmania’s first understable mid and this kind of a disc was much anticipated by the fans as the sales indicate.

TOP 20 Best-Selling Disc Golf Putters in 2020

Discmania’s Sensei was our top-selling putter in 2020. Both the Active Premium Sensei and the Baseline Sensei. Our team player Niko Rättyä made the Premium Sensei a fan favorite. The next two places go to Prodigy Disc’s two PA-3 variations. Similarly to Niko’s social media efforts, our team player Väinö Mäkelä greatly helped the sales of the PA-3’s.