The impact of the star player Simon Lizotte on the sales of products manufactured by MVP Disc Sports was indisputable in 2023. This year, it will be interesting to see how Eagle McMahon’s joining Team MVP and presumably numerous Simon Line and Eagle products will affect sales figures. Silva Saarinen, who impressively switched to MVP and was selected as the standout rookie of the past DGPT season, is also expected to contribute to the sales of her own discs.

The new and innovative Clash Discs, operated from Finland, improved its position in relation to other brands.

The Power Dynamics Between Brands Over the Last Ten Years

The chart below illustrates the power dynamics between the most popular brands in our sales over the past decade. Despite increased competition, Innova has maintained a strong position. The disc golf market has grown immensely during this period, allowing for more money to be distributed among several brands.

Prodigy Disc gained the most market share during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, likely due to its better availability and the strong influence of Väinö Mäkelä and Seppo Paju in the Finnish market. However, Prodigy Disc’s share experienced a significant decline in our sales last year.

The impact of Paul McBeth’s move from Innova to Discraft at the end of 2018 is evident in the clear growth of Discraft sales in the years 2019-2020.

Bags, Box Products, Discmania’s New Releases, and Simon Products Lead the Sales Chart

The flagship model AX5 from GRIPeq dominated our sales statistics quite impressively. The refreshing new product for the 2023 season, a super glidey disc suitable for catching too, the Glitch (league number 7), sold well. Our collaboration with Simon Lizotte and MVP resulted in a well selling version of Glitch, known as the Glitsch. You can explore all our discs with the most glide here.

As the main partner of the European Pro Tour, we sold a significant number of the EPT Mystery Boxes containing Disc Golf Stream subscriptions and discs from EPT supporting manufacturers. The European Tour activities will be streamlined for the upcoming season as Disc Golf Pro Tour expands into Europe, putting an end to overlapping tours.

Our best-selling brand, Discmania, introduced its long-awaited updated Fanatic bag lineup to the market in the 2023 season. The Discmania Fanatic Sky Backpack, priced just under a hundred euros, sold the most among them. These new Discmania bags are now competitively priced, unlike the previous Fanatic bags. In addition to GRIPeq’s AX5, BX3, and CX1, and Discmania products, our top 20 product list also includes the Latitude 64’s DG Luxury BackpackProdigy Disc Backpack BP-2 V3, and Innova Excursion Pack in the bag category. You can explore our entire range of bags here.

Q4/2023 Sales Stats: Best-Selling Disc Golf Brands and Products